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  • 1 Edge Rush
    Right before the pass rush drill, get to that QB!
  • 2 Low Man Wins
    One on one drill learning to use proper block technique and blitz moves
  • 3 Form Tackle
    Definitely need to work on that tackling technique but FUUUUUUMBLE!!
  • 4 Jack 'em up
    The Drive block - Keep the legs pumping, take your opponent where YOU want!
  • 5 Out of the way!
    Delivering a strong stiff arm! One weapon in a ball carriers arsenol
  • 6 Making Contact
    A beginner step in learning to take contact safely while having a ton of fun!
  • 7 The Gauntlet
    Overcoming fear while learning how to take a proper handoff and ball control

At Tribal Dreams we strive to giving everyone involved the best experience we possibly can. Our fun filled exciting camps are aimed towards building powerful life skills Aboriginal youth can use both on and off the field. The sport of football builds positive attributes that are immeasurable tools in success throughout life. Our Football camps will strive to build confident, strong minded and inspired youth!

highly recommended!

"It was awesome that Tribal Dreams were able to come into the community to offer their skills. The youth of Janvier loved what the camp offered and would most definitely enjoy another camp in their future!” ."

- Emily Laprise , Janvier AB Sekweha Youth Coordinator

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